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We offer exterior car detailing in Tampa Bay, FL!

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Exterior Car Detailing

Welcome to Tampa Bay Car Detailing! We’re a professional auto detailing service, and we strive to offer professional exterior detailing. Before you purchased a car from the dealership, did the exterior shine? Well, most new vehicles have glossy paint that gleams in the sunlight. After a few years of driving around Tampa Bay, the car paint tends to fade. Unfortunately, the paint on boats tends to fade quicker due to corrosive saltwater. If you’re interested in restoring your car to showroom quality, then we’d love to perform paint correction on your vehicle! In Tampa, you can’y rely on a simple wash from an automatic car wash. At Tampa Bay Auto Detailing, we provide professional auto details at affordable prices. Obviously, we strive to exceed expectations by using professional products from well-know companies like Meguiar’s. Although some of our exterior detailing services are an extra add-on, our mobile detailing services will renew the exterior of a car!

Tampa Auto Detail
Auto Detailing Tampa
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Exterior Auto Detailing in Tampa, FL

Do you know the difference between car wash and car detail? Well, car detailing involves thoroughly cleaning a car! Typically, a car wash simply removes debris from the exterior of an automobile. On the other hand, car detailing provides comprehensive cleaning services. For example, professional car detailing perform paint correction, headlight restoration, and ceramic coating. At Tampa Bay Auto Detailing, we strive to fully restore the exterior of a vehicle to showroom quality. Obviously, the results of professional auto detailing are more impressive than an automatic car wash. 

At Tampa Car Detail, we follow an exhaustive exterior detailing process! First, we wash the vehicle with microfiber towels. Second, we clean the wheels with a dedicated wheel brush. After ensuring the contaminants have been removed from the exterior, we focus on the windows. Typically, windows are completed last. After we complete the prep work, we turn our attention to the in-depth services requested from the customer. For example, let’s assume a customer requested a paint correction. After cleaning the car, we would clay bar the exterior of the vehicle. If we didn’t clean the car first, then the vehicle’s finish would be scratched by the debris. After washing the car, we could wax the vehicle too. 

Have you worked at an auto detailing shop? Well, we’ve been detailing cars for many years. Typically, professional car detailing services require many different products. After booking an exterior detail, we gather our products consisting of microfiber towels, sponges, and brushes. If we’re performing a paint correction, then we’ll gather our clay bars, polishing equipment, and coatings. Although most products work on many cars, we hand pick certain products based on the condition of the vehicle.

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