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Paint Correction in Tampa, Florida

Welcome to Tampa Bay Car Detailing! Are you searching for paint correction services in Tampa Bay, Florida? Fortunately, we provide mobile paint correction to the residents of Tampa, FL. Does your vehicle have scratches, swirls, or hard water spots on the paint? Well, we’ll correct the paint! Obviously, paint correction is a tedious process. We recommend contacting Tampa Bay Auto Detailing! Without proper training, paint correction service may actually leave swirl marks on the exterior of the vehicle. At Tampa Auto Detail, we perform professional paint correction. First, we apply a clay bar treatment to remove contaminants from the clearcoat. After cleaning the exterior, we apply professional polish with a polisher. Typically, we remove swirl marks with a two-step paint correction. At Tampa Auto Detail, we prefer professional equipment – Meguiar’s M105 & Meguiar’s M205 with Lake Country Buffing Pads. If you’re in Tampa Bay, then contact us about our exterior detailing services!

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